Our guides are great at teaching paddlers about the native Louisiana ecosystem and helping inexperienced paddlers find their groove. On top of being great outdoor guides we’ve recently handed them a new challenge and I think they’ve done a pretty incredible job accepting it. On our Small Group Canoe and Kayak Swamp Tours our main guides are given an inexpensive camera to snap some photos of paddlers and wildlife.  This means our guest don’t have to stress about getting a great shot of the wildlife from their cell phones or risk dropping their phone in the water.  This also gives paddlers the ability to enjoy nature with their own eyes and not through a screen.
The photos are emailed to the paddlers after the tour for free.  We believe you can offer guest a great experience and not nickel and dime them to death with unnecessary add-ons. I have not been reviewing the photos often but today I was able to spend 20 minutes peeking through our Flickr page and I am amazed at some of the wildlife shots our guides are getting with this little camera.  These wildlife photos are taken with a $150 point and shoot camera, while sitting in a canoe, and with no photography training.

Awesome job.


great blue heron in flight

Great Blue Heron taking off

anhinga aka snake bird

Anhinga aka The Snake Bird

red winged black bird

Red-winged black bird calling for a mate

american alligator

Little American Alligator

red eared sliding turtle

Sliding Turtle on break

mating pair of ospreys

Nesting pair of ospreys

Perched Osprey

Osprey watching closely

brown pelican

Brown Pelican – The Louisiana State bird


Horned Grebe (photo from winter)


Snakes on a log


Great Blue Heron in flight

small american alligator

American Alligator enjoying some sun

great egret

Great Egret

juvenile great blue heron

Juvenile Great Blue Heron

great egret

Great Egret perched

green heron

Green Heron

leopard frog

Leopard Forg

sliding turtle

Eastern Sliding Turtle

american alligator

Another great American Alligator photo


Osprey Taking flight